My Projects..

vAssist — Virtual Voice & Vision Assistant

  • Originally started with the idea of assisting those with vision challenges
  • vAssist is a virtual assistant with voice and vision features
  • Currently working on extending this project to assist all users in general with the usual virtual assistant functionalities and also vision related tasks

  • Reading out events from calendar, playing songs along with vision related tasks like object detection, people recognition, food menu reader etc
  • vAssist uses Speech Recognition(speech to text), speech synthesis(text to speech), NLU and conversation making using Rasa, object detection and face recognition
  • Tools used: Rasa, TensorFlow, Google Speech API, Python, Flask, OpenCV

RealID — Face ID Engine

  • RealID is a face biometric engine
  • It enables face registration along with saving demographics

  • It has face verification feature that allows in verifying registered users
  • It uses face detection, face embeddings generation and face verification
  • Tools used: TensorFlow, Python, OpenCV, Bottle

Food Classification - HotDog v2.0

  • Used Food-101 dataset to build a food classifier
  • Used TensorFlow and Keras for model training

  • Published Multiclass Food Classification using TensorFlow Kaggle Kernel explaining all the steps in detail
  • Tools used: TensorFlow,Keras, Python,