The Musk Man — From the Book I Read

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“Do you think I’m insane?” was what Elon asked Ashlee just before he was about to leave post dinner. Ashlee Vance, who is the author of Elon Musk’s biography, informed Elon around 18 months before this dinner, his plans to write a book about him. And Elon not surprisingly, informed the author his plans to not cooperate. Having stubbornly decided that he will write the book about Elon Musk either with or without his cooperation, for the 18 months after the rejection and till the day of this dinner, Ashlee had already interviewed around two hundred people. Though Elon had rejected dozens of people who wanted to write his biography, he asked Ashlee for dinner and finally gave his nod. So why Ashlee? Maybe because he was annoyingly stubborn in persevering what he wanted to do, a quality which Elon takes in high regard.


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